Monday, 22 August 2011

A DIY faux-middy cut: the risk that paid off!

For those of you who may not know, a the 'middy' was a style of haircut popular in the 1940's, that was designed to allow curls to settle neatly into a beautiful shape, the layers sitting on top of each other comfortably to give those lovely graduated curls.
The cut consisted of even layers and a U-shaped bottom, with sides that slant up towards the face. The standard middy consisted of 4 inch layers, but there were many variations in different lengths.

Now, I have been wanting and meaning to go and get myself a middy cut for an absolute age, though being the hairdresser-shy girl that I am (I've only been to the hairdressers a handful of times in my life, usually utilising my mum or step-mum for haircutting needs instead) I haven't quite managed it.
So, when reading up on the middy on this Fedora Lounge thread, I was excited to find some mentions of a 'do it yourself' middy haircut tutorial- could this really work? Surely not! I was apprehensive, but read on to find that many girls had said they had tried it and it had in fact, turned out well!

So being impulsive and impatient, as I can be in matters of the hair, I washed my hair and set to work following C-Dot's tutorial.
Here are the 'after' photos...

Shock horror! My un-made up face and bedraggled hair.
But you can see the hair now slants sharply upwards towards my face.

And here you can see the U-shaped back in all it's self-cut glory!

After following all the steps in C-Dot's tutorial, I dried, spritzed with setting lotion, rollered and slept.
And then I removed my curlers in the morning with baited breath-

Hello graduated curls.

Hello curved new shape.

And hello little curls around my face!

Sorry for not having better photos, I took these when my chap was away so of course, using my iPhone I was rather limited.

But all in all, I would say that if you are pining for a middy-style and are hairdresser-wary or your purse is empty then maybe it's worth taking the risk with this clever little tutorial. I'm very glad I did.

Pip pip xx


  1. Oh wow, looks great. My hair has gone ridiculously thin in the lengths and I am considering going shorter, may well try this!

  2. It did INDEED pay off! Love the last pic of you :)

  3. Wow, it looks really wonderful, I had been wondering if there was a way to do this yourself for a while as I hate going to the hairdressers too, I definitely want to give this a try!! :)

  4. I've always been too scared to cut my own hair but this looks great, yay you! :)

  5. Eeek, thanks girls. For those of you thinking about trying it- take the risk! It's relatively easy to follow, but a little fiddly to even out...but it can be done with a bit of patience (not that I have much)works really well for curled hair!

  6. Your haircut is so cute! It suits your face so well. Lovely!

  7. You brave thing!!! Well I'm inspired as cant afford the train fair and Nina's salon as often as I'd like!!


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